An Overview Of HCaTS: A Government-Wide IDIQ

The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc., (COE), provides federal agencies with customized training and development, human capital strategy and organizational performance improvement solutions as a prime contractor on the GSA Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contract vehicle.

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Contract Objective and Scope

HCaTS is a partnership between the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to improve the performance of the federal workforce through highly efficient, innovative, and flexible human capital and training solutions. The vehicle has a 10-year ordering period and a 16-year delivery period and is available to all federal agencies.

HCaTS can be accessed directly by agency contracting officers via a delegated procurement authority or through assisted acquisition services provided by OPM. COE received an unrestricted award for both Pool 2 Small Business – Human Resource Consulting Services and Pool 2 Unrestricted – Human Resources and Organization Support.

HCaTS Key Service Areas

HCaTS solutions are arranged across three key services areas (KSAs) encompassing a broad range of customized training, human capital, and organizational improvement services.

Who can use HCaTS?

HCaTS is available to all federal agencies (CONUS and OCONUS).

Why should your agency use HCaTS?

  • Acquisition of high-quality HC and training solutions is simplified by the limited pool of pre-qualified prime contractors with scope specific expertise and experience
  • Meeting small business goals is facilitated by set-aside acquisitions on the unrestricted as well as the small business HCaTS contract
  • Increase probability of achieving performance objectives by leveraging GSA and OPM to support scope determination and requirements analysis
  • Reduce acquisition costs: use direct acquisition for a low 2% fee, or assisted acquisition, including package preparation, for a 4% (average) fee

The HCaTS contracts should be used by all agencies acquiring services in this category. They meet rigorous Office of Management and Budget (OMB) category management performance criteria, resulting in the designation of OMB Best In Class contracts, which means that they are ‘good-for-government’.

How to Use HCaTS

There are two ways to access HCaTS, both of which are described with complete step-by-step instructions on the HCaTS website,, under “How to Use HCaTS.”

Direct-Buy Acquisition:

Following a short training, the acquisition can be performed by the customer agency Contracting Officer (CO) with a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) issued by GSA;

Assisted Acquisition:

OPM performs the acquisition on behalf of the customer agency and provides post-award support as negotiated with the customer. For more information about assisted acquisition, please contact OPM at 202.606.0482 or

COE HCaTS Contract Numbers:

Pool 2 Small Business

Human Resource Consulting Services: 47QREB22D0001

NAICS codes: 611430, 611699, and 624310

Pool 2 Unrestricted

Human Resources and Organization Support: GS02Q16DCR0070

NAICS codes: 541611, 541612, 541613, 541618, and 611710

HCaTS Task Order Types:

Fixed-Price, Cost-Reimbursement, Time-and-Materials, Labor-Hour, and hybrid.

COE Capabilities under HCaTS:

COE is a trusted partner in helping clients transform their organizations and programs to more efficiently and effectively accomplish their mission. We help our clients achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes through organizational effectiveness, human capital, workforce planning, and technology consulting solutions. COE is dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable solutions that increase our Federal agency clients’ efficiency and effectiveness and that endure long after we are gone. COE solution areas under this vehicle include:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Transition Management
  • Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • Knowledge and Competency Management
  • Organizational Assessment and Transformation
  • Strategic Planning and Alignment

For more information about COE and HCaTS, please contact:

Karla Englund

VP, Finance and Operations


If you are interested in becoming a partner with COE on HCaTS, please contact Karla Englund via the contact information above, or download the HCaTS Info PDF by clicking below.

The following documents include contract Sections A through K and all modifications issued within thirty (30) days.

DUNS Number: 148041890

There are no sustainability disclosures.

If you would like to learn more about the HCaTS vehicle, please visit the GSA portal website by clicking here.